Looking for Hip Hop's hottest new sensation? Look no further. Princess Leela's taken center stage. 

One part Guyanese, one part Haitian, 100% Brooklyn, the 10-year-old sensation is ready for her close-up. Her latest single, "Pizza Party," which is inspired by Wacka Flacka's "It's A Party" shows her sparkling personality, captivating charisma and camera-readiness. A Zendaya superfan who loves the colors pink and purple—Leela essentially spent ages 2 through 10 in NYC's legendary "Music Building," learning melodies from some industry luminaries. She spent countless hours in studios during recordings, meetings, and mixdowns—gaining a feel for sound, developing her ear for music. 

Along with the video for her remix with Dj Clo  "All The Way Up," look out for Leela's upcoming mixtape Young Goddess - The Prologue. Regal like her favorite color, purple, Princess Leela's reign has just begun.